Saint Lawrence Article

Stratégies Saint-Laurent, a network to protect the St. Lawrence River

Stratégies Saint-Laurent is a key player in the governance of the St. Lawrence River. Composed of twelve ZIP Committees (Comités ZIP – Areas of Prime Concern)* in Quebec, it promotes interregional and national cooperation as well as the involvement of local communities along the river to preserve it. An educational component was quickly added to these two main missions, to make all users of the river aware of its strong contribution to the development of Quebec but also of its vulnerability. Jean-Éric Turcotte, Director General of this innovative organization, tells us about the pressures that weigh on the St. Lawrence today and the solutions that are developed to deal with them.
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Senegal River Article

Turning a scourge into an energy resource

Typha is an invasive species that has invaded a large part of the Senegal River delta and is spreading rapidly. By limiting fishing and cultivation areas and threatening local biodiversity, this environmental scourge has not been controlled for three decades and cannot be eradicated. For several years now, GRET and its local partners have been implementing an innovative strategy to transform this scourge into an opportunity by using typha as a fuel. Here is how…
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Saint Lawrence ArticleTestimonial

EcoMaris, a training vessel on the St. Lawrence: “Young people are confronted to the river!”

Between Montreal and the Atlantic Ocean, the St. Lawrence is the sea! And there is no better school of life than sailing, says Simon Paquin, founder and director of EcoMaris, the first sail training ship in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Founded in 2006, EcoMaris offers sea expeditions for young people to combine environmental and civic awareness and promote socio-professional reintegration. Interview with an outstanding navigator and trainer who reveals the secrets of the EcoMaris pedagogy on the occasion of Living with Rivers.
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Senegal River ArticlePicture

Going down the Senegal River, a life story

From human beings in business to human beings close to nature; from high-level positions in France to helping the poorest in Senegal: Yves Barou has had an incredibly rich and atypical career, whose common thread is a commitment to others and to social justice.
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