Longshorewoman or pilot? Discovering carreers in the Port of Montreal

Immerse yourself in the world of the Port of Montreal thanks to these five videos on the jobs of port agents. Located 1600 km from the Atlantic coast, the Port of Montreal is strategically located in the heart of North America and serves 110 million consumers. Open to more than 140 countries around the world, it receives more than 2,000 ships each year and handles more than 35 million tonnes of goods. An essential logistics centre, the only container port on the St. Lawrence, well anchored in the city.

Margaret, maritime port agent

“Loading and unloading a ship, it’s like playing with Nintendo”: discover Genevieve’s account of being a longshorewoman at the Port of Montreal.

Geneviève, longshorewoman

« Charger et décharger un navire, c’est comme jouer à la Nintendo » : découvrez le témoignage de Geneviève, débardeuse. 

Claude, Environment Manager

Consulted before each new infrastructure project at the Port of Montreal, Claude assesses and integrates the risks for the site and the river.

Carole, environment consultant

Ensuring respect for the river while working with all the industries on its banks, a challenge taken up by Carole, environment consultant.

Simon, maritime pilot

“There’s always a surprise when you board a new boat”: Simon, a pilot, confides that it’s not easy to cross the Saint Lawrence.

Rhone Festival

Emergences Festival de l’Eau

Première édition d'un rendez-vous musical et convivial incontournable : le festival Emergences à Aramon, au bord du Rhône près d'Avignon. Au programme du 9 au 11 septembre : concerts gratuits, ballades, conférences... et plus encore !
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Rhone Festival

Agir pour le Vivant, Vienne – 21-23 July

Come and talk about the Rhone and the great rivers in this artistic and friendly festival! Agir pour le Vivant will take place at the Musée Gallo-Romain in Vienne from 21 to 23 July. An opportunity to discover the very first stand dedicated to Living with Rivers, and to protect the rivers together.
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Rhone Exhibition

Lionel Gauthier: “Everyone wants to bathe in Lake Geneva!”

Who has not already enjoyed the pleasures of bathing in the water of Lake Geneva in summer? Lionel Gauthier, the curator and director of the Museum of Lake Geneva, turns to this very popular pastime on the occasion of Living with Rivers: bathing in this large French-Swiss lake crossed by the Rhone. A story of prudishness, pollution, developments and different uses, the history of bathing is fascinating and tells us much about our eras and desires.
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