Emergences Festival de l’Eau

First edition of an artistic and convivial gathering: the Emergences festival in Aramon, on the banks of the Rhône River near Avignon, from 9 to 11 September.

This festival is marked by the 20th anniversary, on 9 September 2022, of the tragic floods that hit the Gard and the village of Aramon in 2002.

To rethink our relationship with water and look to the future, Emergences offers concerts, shows, conferences, exhibitions… A programme inspired by water, the common good of humanity, with its music, its stories, to better understand it, protect it and preserve it.

The full programme on the website: www.emergencesfestival.fr
Ticketing: https://my.weezevent.com/emergences-festival-de-leau

Rhone Festival

Agir pour le Vivant, Vienne – 21-23 July

Come and talk about the Rhone and the great rivers in this artistic and friendly festival! Agir pour le Vivant will take place at the Musée Gallo-Romain in Vienne from 21 to 23 July. An opportunity to discover the very first stand dedicated to Living with Rivers, and to protect the rivers together.
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Rhone Exhibition

Lionel Gauthier: “Everyone wants to bathe in Lake Geneva!”

Who has not already enjoyed the pleasures of bathing in the water of Lake Geneva in summer? Lionel Gauthier, the curator and director of the Museum of Lake Geneva, turns to this very popular pastime on the occasion of Living with Rivers: bathing in this large French-Swiss lake crossed by the Rhone. A story of prudishness, pollution, developments and different uses, the history of bathing is fascinating and tells us much about our eras and desires.
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Saint Lawrence Article

Stratégies Saint-Laurent, a network to protect the St. Lawrence River

Stratégies Saint-Laurent is a key player in the governance of the St. Lawrence River. Composed of twelve ZIP Committees (Comités ZIP – Areas of Prime Concern)* in Quebec, it promotes interregional and national cooperation as well as the involvement of local communities along the river to preserve it. An educational component was quickly added to these two main missions, to make all users of the river aware of its strong contribution to the development of Quebec but also of its vulnerability. Jean-Éric Turcotte, Director General of this innovative organization, tells us about the pressures that weigh on the St. Lawrence today and the solutions that are developed to deal with them.
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