Rhone Exhibition

Lionel Gauthier: “Everyone wants to bathe in Lake Geneva!”

Who has not already enjoyed the pleasures of bathing in the water of Lake Geneva in summer? Lionel Gauthier, the curator and director of the Museum of Lake Geneva, turns to this very popular pastime on the occasion of Living with Rivers: bathing in this large French-Swiss lake crossed by the Rhone. A story of prudishness, pollution, developments and different uses, the history of bathing is fascinating and tells us much about our eras and desires.
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Saint Lawrence Exhibition

Exploramer: Another way to discover the St. Lawrence

In the north of the Gaspé Peninsula, Exploramer is not a museum like the others: after having seen the aquarium and the exhibition rooms, leave to discover the maritime St. Lawrence, on foot or by boat, for a total immersion! Meet Sandra Gauthier, director of Exploramer, who explains how the museum has succeeded in creating content and activities for the general public while contributing to scientific and industrial research on the St. Lawrence.
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Saint Lawrence ExhibitionTestimonial

One River, Five Views: The Journey of the St. Lawrence Painters

They are five professional painters from Quebec, united by the same topic of work and the same attachment: the St. Lawrence River. Since 2016, they have traveled the shores of the river, in search of the most beautiful light, the most beautiful landscape. They have reported, each with their own style and vision, their relationship with the St. Lawrence. For Living with Rivers, they comment on their creations and, much more, their love for this giant.
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Rhone ExhibitionTestimonial

Estelle Rouquette: “Without the Rhone, there’d be no Camargue”

The Curator of the Museum of the Camargue is a privileged witness of the history and culture of this region, whose identity is marked by water. Whereas the sea is rising and the discharge of the Rhone is falling, she calls for the resources to continue living in the Camargue. F
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